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Art of Seasonal Yoga sequencing

De Druivenkas Driebergsestraatweg 44, Doorn
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When you create Yin classes for the 5 elements, and you like to live with the seasons, it is sometimes hard not to repeat yourself in your yoga classes. How to bring variation into one season of 2,5 months?Which class can you teach at night and which one in the morning within the same season? […]


Aroma Yin™ training

De Druivenkas Driebergsestraatweg 44, Doorn
Virtual Virtual Event

    Are you and your students in need of profound and sensuous self-care? In a time where touch is very limited, we offer a course where touch and smell are stimulating not only your senses, but also creating deep relaxation and holistic nourishment. Learn acupressure points for Yin postures with the application of essential […]

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Secret of the Golden Flower – a ten week study with meditation – on Zoom with Anand Nigam

Virtual Virtual Event

  “Secret of the Golden Flower”  A 10 week online study with simple but profound meditation practices from this ancient Taoist text. The Golden Flower symbolises the full flowering of a human’s awareness. It works with the seed of our potential (which is surrounded by ignorance), to Oneness, the Full Flowering of human Potential and […]

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The Spiral; Spiraling deeper with the 5 elements and the organ clock – 4 days

De Druivenkas Driebergsestraatweg 44, Doorn

Do you want to learn more about the energetic stimulation of yoga poses? Do you want to deepen your knowledge about the meridians? This workshop explains internal pathways & connections of main meridians for Yin/Yang Yoga. First we learn the superficial meridians, but there are deeper branches. We will create a deeper understanding so we […]

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De Druivenkas Driebergsestraatweg 44, Doorn

Our 6-month Meditation Teacher Training begins on the 31st of October in Bartimeus Historische Moestuin where we teach, sing, study, dance, meditate and have fun while practising safe social distancing! Why join Stillnessinyoga 6-months Meditation Teacher Training? Through guidance and daily practice, one can reach a deep state of Meditation and can overcome one's misconceived […]

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