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Online 5 daagse Chi Kung training

Virtual Event

FREE INTRODUCTION CLASS ON 13TH OF JANUARY WITH ANOSHE AND NIGAM 19.30-21.00HR. SCROLLL DOWN TO REGISTER: Chi Kung is een beoefening die voortkomt uit Zuid - Oost Azië, en heeft als doel ons energetisch lichaam te stimuleren, zodat we ons lichaam, ziel en mind in balans houden. Het hoopt ook een overvloed aan Chi te […]

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Song of Stillness: Bhagavad Gita – a ten week study

The Bhagavad Gita is part of the epic The Maha Bharata. Within the Maha Bharata is a bloody war between two families of cousins, which involves the entire family. As the two armies line up opposite each other to commence this bloody battle, Sri Krishna drives the chariot of the great warrior Arjuna and stops […]

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Silent Meditation Retreat February 2021

SILENT MEDITATION RETREAT WITH ANAND NIGAM We all long for personal transformation, long for the time we can feel relaxed and contented in all situations. The scriptures say that this is possible, but still, it evades us. We constantly fall back into anxiety, lethargy, negativity etc, constantly affected by what we perceive to see and […]

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Online program: The change of seasons according to Chinese philosophy


In this training we will take a closer look at the rhythm of the year  and the transition from the different seasons according to the Taoist calendar. We will learn when and how the elements and organ pairs according to the Chinese Medicine merge during the year and what happens during this transition. How can […]

Two day workshop Going beyond the 5 elements: internal pathways & connections of main meridians for Yin/Yang Yoga (in Dutch)

De Druivenkas Driebergsestraatweg 44, Doorn

Do you want to learn more about the energetic stimulation of yoga poses? Do you want to deepen your knowledge about the meridians? Stillnessinyoga offers this 2-day workshop focussed on the theory and application of meridian theory in Yin/Yang yoga poses. This workshop will be taught by the passionate acupuncturist Gita Schuit and the highly […]

Tweedaagse workshop Yin Yoga, Chi Kung & Acupressure | Herhaling

De Druivenkas Driebergsestraatweg 44, Doorn
Virtual Event

In het seizoen van de winter is Yin yoga een perfecte practice. Onze aandacht is naar binnen gekeerd, het lichaam heeft rust en herstel nodig. Vooral in deze tijd van grote veranderingen waar we al meer met een spiegel naar onszelf hebben geleefd, is er een prachtige bodem gelegd om dichter bij onszelf te komen. […]

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