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A drop of the Ocean of stillness


We have also decided to offer the on-line study and meditation course in separate units for those who thought it too big a commitment to participate in both the study of Patanjali and Bhagavad Gita. For those who want to only study Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, we now offer a stand-alone course of 10 weeks Patanjai's […]

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2 dg Workshop Yoga en Fasciae 31 okt. en 15 nov. 2020

De Druivenkas Driebergsestraatweg 44, Doorn

Heb je zin om je onder te dompelen in de waterige, stugge en flexibele wereld van bindweefsel? En  niet alleen het biologische aspect, maar om ook de spirituele wereld van bindweefsel binnen te stappen? Wil je begrijpen wat bindweefsel is en het effect wat Yoga hier op kan hebben? Wil je weten hoeveel soorten bindweefsel […]

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Silent Meditation Retreat May 2021

SILENT MEDITATION RETREAT WITH ANAND NIGAM We all long for personal transformation, long for the time we can feel relaxed and contented in all situations. The scriptures say that this is possible, but still, it evades us. We constantly fall back into anxiety, lethargy, negativity etc, constantly affected by what we perceive to see and […]

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