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Spiraling deeper: the inner pathways and branching of the meridians – 6 & 7 April 2024

6th apr @ 9:30 - 7th apr @ 17:00

Have you received the basics of the 5 element theory in your yin yoga teacher training? Do you want to deepen your knowledge about the meridians? This workshop explains internal pathways & connections of main meridians for Yin/Yang Yoga. First we learned the superficial pathways, but there are deeper branches and connections to different organs in the body. We will create a deeper understanding so we can play with the different yoga postures and learn yin yoga poses for these innerbranches.


  • Learning a practical use of the organ clock, so you can easily understand to use this map for all the inner connections between the organ’s
  • Classical flow for the organ clock
  • A deep dive to learn new yin yoga postures to stretch the innerbranches between the organs
  • Receive a more refined understanding of the meridian system to use in your classes or your practice
  • We will practice harmonizing Chi Kungs, that connect the lower, middle, and higher Tan Tien which we also know as the 2nd, 4th and 6th chakra.

In this 2-day workshop, we will look at the internal pathways of the meridians or nadi’s running through the whole body. You will learn how the yin/yang paired meridians are running deeper into the body and skeleton, and you will start to understand how yoga is stretching not just on the surface of the skin, where an acupuncturist puts her needles. We will understand better when we stretch the whole body with asana, how we reach those internal energy channels. We will learn which yin yoga and vinyasa flows reach which organs and energetic systems, and muscle groups.

This workshop will be taught by the passionate acupuncturist and fabulous teacher Gita Perrotti-Schuit and the 40 +years experienced Yogini Anoshe Overington. If you think about enrolling for a Yin2 advanced course at Stillnessinyoga, this will be a good preparation to connect your Yin Yoga Teacher Training from another institute, or if you have done a Yin 1 Training at Stillnessinyoga. Maybe you have completed a Stillnessinyoga Yin2a Training? This material is 80 % new for you.

Did you ever wonder:

  • Why an Intestine meridian can be the protector of the heart? And how do the Intestines help to filter out what suits and doesn’t suit our essence as a human being?
  • You will also experience how the heart is connected to the kidneys and the lungs as a meridian. And how this combination helps you to find your deepest intentions in this life.
  • How come the Large Intestines meridian in the arm also has branches in the leg?

For who: Have you already followed a Yin Teacher Training and do you already have some knowledge about the 5 elements? Are you familiar with meridian stimulation in Yin poses? Would you like to learn more about the 5 elements and her Yin/Yang pairs then you have already learned at Stillnessinyoga or elsewhere? ? You don’t have to be a Yoga teacher to follow this workshop, but you do need to know something about the 5 elements, Yin Yoga and the Yin/Yang meridian pairs. Stillnessinyoga is known as a place where Yoga workshops go much deeper into the meridian theory for Yoga than any other Yoga institute in the Netherlands.

A fragment of the training:

Dates 2024:

Saturday 6 April and Sunday 7 April

Time: 9.30 – 17.00 uur

Location: LIVE in De Nieuwe Plek, Driebergen


Inclusive manual of 40+ pages

Live: Early Bird untill 10 January: EUR 333 excl. 21% BTW

Live: After 10 January: EUR 393 excl. 21% BTW


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Spiraling deeper 2024
475.53 incl BTW.


6th apr @ 9:30
7th apr @ 17:00
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De Nieuwe Plek
Hoofdstraat 260
Driebergen, Utrecht 3972 LL Netherlands
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