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5th Feb, 2023 - 24th Nov, 2023


This Meridian based Vinyasa flow training teaches you to give a Vinyasa flow class, but is also designed to accompany Yin Yoga for a Yin/Yang yoga class and will contain less upper body strength than a vinyasa flow or astangha vinyasa training so it is easier accessible for most Yin Yoga lovers. Although many postures are from Classical Indian Yoga, we are studying these poses  from a meridian based perspective. We bring alive the old Taoistic knowledge by comparing the target area of a Yoga pose with which connective tissues and meridians we are stimulating at the same time. Which meridians do we reach or stretch in for example Triangle pose, Treepose, 2nd Warriorpose? And what does this mean for us as yoga practitioners? We will than be able with knowledge of this subtle body anatomy to balance our yin and yang practice with more intelligence and create Yin/Yang classes from a deeper understanding. In this training we integrate the individual or functional approach of teaching Vinyasa so that individual differences in skeleton or body are met.


For whom is this training? For yoga lovers, who have had 2 years experience with yoga. For vinyasa yoga teachers, who would like to learn meridian based stimulation of yogaposes and how to sequence this with an energetic understanding and its effects on our body and mind. For Yin Yoga teachers, who would like to create meridian based yin yang yoga classes.


The base of this training are three Vinyasa flows with standing and seated poses. Every flow has her own opening chant, Chi Kungs, yoga sequence with Krama groups that open 4 meridians and certain ‘Anatomy trains’ (connective tissue strips). What does this training cover:

  • Foundational Yogaposes for Standing, Forwardbends,Twists, Backbends, Balance poses and Inversions and its’ meridian stimulation; learning modifications and its prop use.
  • Understanding the basic foundation of Vinyasa Krama and Taoistic rhythmic movement
  • 24 Classis Chi Kung’s which you can use in a Yin Yoga, Yang/Yin or Yang flow class as a mini vinyasa
  • 3 Vinyasa flows created for specific pairs of meridians, connective tissue to accompany Yin Yoga sequences, or used in a Vinyasa class on its own
  • Learning Pranayama and the meaning of Prana of Chi Flow. Creating a self practice and how and where to integrate in a yin yang yoga class
  • Subtle Body Anatomy to understand the comparison of the Nadi’s and the meridian stimulation basic six levels meridian theory to recognise those levels in Hatha poses
  • Learning the myo fascial meridians or strokes (Anatomy trains by Tom Myers) and understanding which yogaposes are stretching which myo fascial meridians
  • Subtle body Anatomy of Hatha Yoga f.e. Vayu’s and the Kosha’s
  • Basic Anatomy of the Body for skeleton, muscles
  • Organ theory from both Asian view and Western Anatomy
  • Learning how to teach Foundational Hatha Yoga poses and Yang Flows for beginners’ and midlevel audiences, skills for multilevel teaching
  • Yoga philosophy For the Female Goddesses, Patanjali and Bhagavad Gita Introduction
  • Learning how to adjust physically, verbally and mimicly your students in Yogaposes
  • Learning how & practicing to teach Meridian based Vinyasa flow yoga
  • How to create professional, deeply layered yang/yin yoga classes

This 125+ hr training will give together with the Yin Yoga & Mindfulness 100hrs Teacher training a 200 hr Yoga Alliance USA Certification. This  Meridian based Vinyasa training exists out 125 contact hours and 30 non- contact hours. Good to know: Our Yin Yoga 100 hrs & Meridian based Vinyasa flow 125 hrs give together more contact hours, and non-contact hours than the minimum standard of Yoga Alliance! We try not to compromise with our vision.

Dates  training days from  9.30 – 18.00 hrs  2023 (14 days)

Day 1: Sunday 5 February 2023 (17.00 – 21.00h, bring something to eat)

Day 2: Saturday 11 February 2023

Day 3: Saturday 18 February 2023

Day 4: Saturday 25 March 2023

Day 5: Sunday 2 April 2023  

Day 6: Saturday 13 May 2023 

Day 7/8: Friday 2 June/Saturday 3 June 

Day 9: Friday 16 June 2023

Dates not confirmed yet, other dates to be advised

B&B’s are available from 35 euro incl. breakfast in Doorn, if you come from far. We can help you with recommendations.

Costs: Early bird untill …. € 1625 (after that € 1750) excl. 21% btw

For the training you need a comprehensive digital manual for 37EUR (ecl. VAT). This manual will automatically be added to the invoice. This will also give you access to the Educational platform with video’s of the flows, Chi Kungs, handouts sequences to print etc. and the homework. Including tea, fruit and snacks & pick up from station Driebergen-Zeist 

This Meridian based Vinyasa teacher training, is a Specialization recognized with 60 points at Vereniging Yoga Docenten Nederland (VYN).

Meridian based Vinyasa flow is een opleiding die is erkend door Yoga Alliance. Samen met de Yin1 Teacher Training (100+ hrs) leidt dit tot een 200 Registered Yoga Teacher registratie. 
 125 hours




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Driebergsestraatweg 44
Doorn, Utrecht 3941 ZH Netherlands
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