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15th Sep, 2019 - 31st Jan, 2020

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Yin Yoga advanced studies

Module B 100 hrs (start 15 Sept 2019)

This course with exclusive yin asana’s and yang flows, gives an amazing opportunity to work with people in private yoga sessions, working on their personal imbalances.”
Lonneke Aerts



Module B

* Introduction of mudras during yoga poses and / or stimulating tui after points in preparation for yang flows, to create a greater stimulation of the Chi energy flow in the body.
* Learn many yin sequences for the treatment of different types of imbalance, such as migraine, depression, burnout, infertility, hyperventilation, etc.
* Learn how to read and interpret the diagnosis of acupuncturists so that you can create and give a private therapeutic session with (yin) yoga
* Learning to feel and diagnose the meridians for imbalance and feeling the abdomen. (Note: it takes 10 years before most acupuncturists can give an accurate diagnosis, so we recommend that you work with an experienced acupuncturist for at least the next 4 years so that you can continue practicing and testing your diagnosis competence, but it appears that yogis be great at sensing a diagnosis!)
* Learning healing Chi Kung exercises to bring more energy into your system, where there is a connection between chant, acupressure points, movement and intention.
* Practicing meditation & amp; mindfulness, and Pancha Kosha’s
* Learn to rest in the hara, tan ten or navel center to feel the meridians of the client
* Learning mantras, ‘beed’mantras to use for different kinds of imbalance or relaxation
* How to organize a private session and guidance on 2 x 10 private sessions

The exam will be teaching a private session.


Price will be confirmed soon.

(Includes 50 contact hrs. 25 hrs self study (of which 12 hrs in small groups))

Please note that course books and manuals are NOT included in the price.

We have created an Ibook and/or pdf Training Manual specific for our Training, with 260 pages, which we ask you purchase at 35 euro.

The Training gives you access to the educational online platform with film, homework, blogs etc.


15/9, 20/9, 4/10, 1/11, 15/11, 16/11, 24/1 2020, 31/1 2020
9.30 h – 18.00 h. All dates with reservation.


The yin yoga 2 teacher training was so inspiring! It is fascinating to see how the meridians are connected in another way then the 5 elements we have learned during the first yin yoga teacher training. There is so much more Anoshe and Pernille have to share! Besides this I love to give private sessions for people who have some ailment like migraine, burnout, depression and sleep problems. Anoshe and Pernille will give you all the tools you can use during these private sessions. It is so rewarding to see that my private students feel better after a few one-on-one sessions. This teacher training gave me also more confidence as a yoga teacher, also with teaching in groups I noticed that I am more creative and open to try out new things in class. If you love yin yoga, would like to know more about the meridian system and which tolls you can use during private classes – I can highly recommend this Yin 2 Teacher Training.

~ Corona, yoga teacher


I already had a large basis for myself as a yoga teacher. The Yin Yoga Teacher training with Anoshe Overington has deepened and strengthened this foundation. The combination of yoga, meditation, Philosophy and meridians was so unbelievably enriching. Since this training i have experienced my own body and yoga practice in a completely different way. In every pose i experience a deeper consciousness of how my body functions. I also use this knowledge in my daily work. I am a trainer and life coach for companies. In the yoga classes i teach i have integrated every bit of knowledge and experience i have gained during this teacher training. I recommend this training to everyone.

~ Jerko Bosikovic, yoga teacher








15th Sep, 2019
31st Jan, 2020
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