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9th Sep, 2018 - 19th Jan, 2019

Yin Yoga advanced studies

Module A 70 hrs (start Sept 2018, March 2019) & Module B 100 hrs (start Sept 2019)

This course with exclusive yin asana’s and yang flows, gives an amazing opportunity to work with people in private yoga sessions, working on their personal imbalances.”
Lonneke Aerts


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Would you like to go beyond the 5 element theory?

In Yin 2 we go deeper than you learn anywhere else.  Discover the magical world of the meridians during this YIN YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 2 and dive deeper.

5 element systems couple the meridians in pairs according to the energetic properties (yin/yang ratio) of the corresponding organs.

The ancient Chinese texts describe a different coupling where each hand meridian is connected to a corresponding foot meridian. This coupling is more anatomical, as these meridian couples naturally flow into each other. The resulting system – 6 pairs of hand-foot meridians – is more relevant to yoga. It appears that practically every asana targets at least one of these pairs – given the proper alignment. This leads one to believe that asana’s were designed based on ancient meridian knowledge.

We are learning in Yin 2 which asanas target which layers, and enables you to tailor your own daily practice according to your needs.

Ever wondered why mental work goes better in the morning? Why you always wake up around 3 o’clock in the night when you had a large meal the evening before? When is the ideal time for breath exercises – or meridian-based asanas? Why do gallbladder attacks happen mostly at midnight, and heart attacks at high noon? Enter: The Organ Clock!

Underlying the web of Main Meridians is a network called “Qi Jing Ba Mai” – the 8 extraordinary meridians. Extraordinary, because they seem to be a bit magic – playing an important role in inner alchemy and spiritual development.

If good health is the purpose of the main meridians, awakening is the stuff of the extraordinary meridians. They are the energetic web underlying our whole personality, deep seated behaviour and preferences. Qi flowing properly in these meridians determine out ability to function smoothly, living out our dharma, during our time on earth.

Would you like to read more

  • Learn about the 8 extra ordinary meridians or vessels, there psychological qualities and yoga poses. How chronicle emotional imbalances leave there mark here and how we can rebalance them with asana’s out of yin & yang yoga, and as well learn traditional Japanese poses and all their modifications and / or their prop use.
  • Learning unique yang flows designed by Anoshe, to balance long yang meridians, and make this chi flow available to move into long yin meridians. These yang flows can be used to rebalance ourselves for specific body complaints.
  • Receive a lecture for the 6 level theory, extra ordinary meridian vessels, relevant for yin and yang yoga.
  • Understanding the organ clock and its relevance for sequencing, and targeting of certain organ.
  • Learning several traditional sequences based in the organ clock, and the natural order of Chi flow. Traditional Chi Kung’s and how to sequence yourself with this order for any type of class, vinyasa, yin, or private class, based in those principles.
  • Introduction of mudras during asanas and/or stimulating tui na points in preparation for yang flows, in order to create a greater stimulation of chi flow in the body.
  • Learning yin sequences for the treatment of several imbalances, such as migraine, depression, burn-out, infertility, hyper-ventilation, etc
  • Learning intricate healing Chi Kung exercises to bring more energy into your system in which there is a connection with chant, acupressure points, movement and intention.
  • Practicing meditation & mindfulness, and Pancha Kosha’s
  • Learning to rest in the hara, tantien or center to be able to feel the meridians of your client
  • Learning mantras, bead mantras to use for different imbalances or relaxation

Module A, theory and yoga content

  • Theorie of the 6 long yin and long yang meridians and its relevance for yin/yang yoga
  • Yang flows designed for the 3 yang levels
  • yin poses designed for the 3 yin levels
  • Extra ordinary meridians and its yoga poses
  • Makko HO and the Organ clock and its meaning for sequencing yogaclasses


875,- excl BTW

(Includes 50 contact hrs. 25 hrs self study (of which 12 hrs in small groups))

Please note that course books and manuals are NOT included in the price.

We have created an Ibook and/or pdf Training Manual specific for our Training, with 260 pages, which we ask you purchase at 35 euro.

The Training gives you access to the educational online platform with film, homework, blogs etc.


09/09/2018 9.30 -18.00 h
10/09/2018 9.30 -18.00 h
22/09/2018 9.30 -18.00 h
02/10/2018 13.00 -14.00h (SKYPE CONFERENCE CALL)
12/10/2018 9.30 -18.00 h
3/11 skypecall
07/12/2018 9.30 -18.00 h
19/01/2010 9.30 -18.00 h


The yin yoga 2 teacher training was so inspiring! It is fascinating to see how the meridians are connected in another way then the 5 elements we have learned during the first yin yoga teacher training. There is so much more Anoshe and Pernille have to share! It is so rewarding to see that my private students feel better after a few one-on-one sessions. This teacher training gave me also more confidence as a yoga teacher, also with teaching in groups I noticed that I am more creative and open to try out new things in class. If you love yin yoga, would like to know more about the meridian system and which tolls you can use during private classes – I can highly recommend this Yin 2 Teacher Training.

~ Corona, yoga teacher


I already had a large basis for myself as a yoga teacher. The Yin Yoga Teacher training with Anoshe Overington has deepened and strengthened this foundation. The combination of yoga, meditation, Philosophy and meridians was so unbelievably enriching. Since this training i have experienced my own body and yoga practice in a completely different way. In every pose i experience a deeper consciousness of how my body functions. I also use this knowledge in my daily work. I am a trainer and life coach for companies. In the yoga classes i teach i have integrated every bit of knowledge and experience i have gained during this teacher training. I recommend this training to everyone.

~ Jerko Bosikovic, yoga teacher



Yin 2, Module A, is a Specialization recognized with 36 points at Vereniging Yoga Docenten Nederland (VYN).


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9th Sep, 2018
19th Jan, 2019
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