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Weekly Classes 2023

11th Oct - 14th Dec

Lieve yoga-lovers,

Na een heerlijke zomerstop beginnen de wekelijkse lessen in september in de Druivenkas weer. Anoshe zal wekelijkse 12 Yin/Yang lessen geven en 5 workshops Advanced YIN. Nigam zal wekelijkse 12 Meditatie lessen geven waarin, rondom volle maan, een Kirtan plaatsvindt.

Advanced Yin/Yang 09:45-12:00 door Anoshe

Yang/Yin 18:45-20:15 door Anoshe

Meditatie en volle maan Kirtan 19:30-21:00 door Nigam

Come as you are.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

ANOSHE’S YOGA CLASSES Anoshe is a fully certified yoga teacher through Yoga Arts, trained directly by Louisa Sears and Sarah Powers. Anoshe’s fluid vinyasa classes are not only a dynamic workout, but also an invitation to align body-mind-spirit through maintaining a close connection with one’s breath and being present at the moment as it presents itself. Her Yin classes are full of love and invitations to dive deep within.

NIGAM’S MEDITATION CLASSES are born from an individual search for greater understanding and more meaning in life. He has studied with Satyananda Saraswati (1980’s), Osho (1990’s), and with Baba Purnananda, with whom he realised that silent meditation was the final medicine. We will sit still, dance, move, walk, sing and meditate in the classes. Walking your own unique path to self-understanding which equals self-love.’

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– Advanced Yin/Yang:
5 workshops for students who have finished Yin1 with us and want to go deeper into the ancient wisdom of our beings. Learning about ancient Taoistic knowledge, a deep understanding of yin poses and the meridian activation, meeting in stillness and love.

– Yang/Yin:
15 fluid classes designed by Anoshe. Working on body-mind-spirit alignment through loving movement and a deep (energetical)body understanding. Take time to surrender to the present moment. A weekly check-in with yourself.

– Meditatie:
This autumn we will meet on 12 Thursday evenings to meditate together.
We will start with meditations in which we move the body, and be more relaxed to silently
sitting together.
And on evenings that are close to Full Moon we will explore Chant and Meditation.
“All beings are from the very beginning Buddhas”

This statement we will penetrate, hopefully, understand, and remember – always.

A Buddha is one who can see clearly.
We were all born that way, as Buddhas.
But over time, in lifetimes,  dust has gathered and settled on our mirrors of consciousness.
We have become sleepy, and are living in a dream, which we believe as real!
Meditation is nothing but the art of opening our eyes, the art of cleansing the dust from our
eyes, so that we can see clearly again.



11th Oct
14th Dec
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